Report of The American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Violence And The Family




Psychology provides a unique perspective for understanding and stopping family abuse and violence, and the APA joins a host of other professional groups expressing grave concerns about the magnitude and the effects of family violence. Violence at home is linked to violence in other settings, and for individual victims it is strongly correlated with a number of serious short-term and long-term health and mental health problems.

The knowledge base about violence and the family has expanded rapidly in recent years. Nonetheless, in this area of study and practice, many recurring issues and dilemmas arise that blend concepts not only from research findings, but also from clinical reports, service delivery systems, value orientations, cultural traditions, and human experience. A few of those complicated issues and dilemmas are briefly outlined here. The APA Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family encourages readers to participate with colleagues from many disciplines in discussion, debate, and study of the problems posed by these issues and dilemmas, and to work thoughtfully toward solutions to the problems. Clearly, the solutions must take into account scientific evidence, clinical experience, genuine concern for human welfare, and substantial wisdom in balancing conflicting interests and viewpoints.

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